From Jerusalem to Paris

“Hey, so I'm ELNA, a visual artist. I am 28 years old, currently living and working in Jerusalem, Israel. I moved back to my hometown after being abroad for 5 years, in Barcelona and Berlin.”

Elna worked with Julien for the Color Fools project, he made illustrations for the parts introductions. Here comes some words from this young artist, always ready to travel and draw.

* Do you remember your first drawings?

It's kind of hard to think about my first drawing, i guess it was when i was 2 or 3, since my both parents where always kind of artistic in their daily life i was always surrounded by pens and papers. I would love to remember my first drawing, but i just can't.

One of my strongest memories from back then is that i got this book El minotauro - by Picasso - and i got really influenced by this book. I kept looking at this book over and over the years, till i was like 8. Also the fact that i grew in a house without TV and computer helped a lot cause spent lot of time looking at my parents art and architecture books.


* Being from Israel, can you explain how the culture impacts your art?

Yeah, Lot's of my inspiration comes from my country, the history of my place. In my art you can see the influences of architecture, archeology founds, symbol and signs and even color...

My mom was born in Morocco and father in Buenos Aires, Argentina so guess my main influences are a mixture of these two backgrounds, North african and South american inspirations. for sure!

* You are a skateboarder, could you talk about your first steps on a board?

When i was 15 my friends cousin brought a skate complete from the United States, we ended up taking his board all the time sharing it ,one trick him one trick me... At the time i couldn't imagine that this moments will open my life to a whole new world where i am today. 

As a creative person, as soon as i got into the skate world i discovered that this world is beyond just board and wheels, i started to look on all the graphics, artists involved and so on.

I remember watching this ON video where Ed Templeton does his show in Paris [Le palais de Tokyo, 2002 – ndlr], and the guys skating the handrail inside the gallery and i toughed, damn this is just more then normal art! 


* Do you remember the first thing you did related to skateboarding?

I guess it was a board graphic for my local skateshop in Jerusalem - Gilis. afterwards i got to do a serie for a Canadian company.


* And you also work with companies around the world...

Yeah i try to stay worldwide connected, i'm trying to fit my style to each company I'm working for and to bring something from their culture/vibe. Normally the companies I'm working with are giving me some kind of freedom to express myself.

* Do you remember the first thing you had in mind when Julien talked to you about Color Fools video?

That the concept is genius, honestly! Because in today's world it's really hard to be innovating in skate world, and when you hear about something like that, some fresh concept it blows your mind like it did.

* How did you decide to make drawings of spots for the Color Fools intros?

I got to admit that the main idea of drawing the spots as full color plazas from all over Europe into one plaza was Julien's idea. I just gave it my touch and i think we are both satisfied with the results.

* To conclude, what is your favorite color, and why?

Emm, I would say Blue. Just because it's positive and has a large range of nice nuances. Like any other color:)