We already talked about Aurélien, Ewen and Ronan, three guys from Brittany (France), surfers, adventurers and Nature lovers. They made an amazing bet : going to Indonesia, and try to live a month in a desert island. They did a movie, and you can see it HERE, it was called Des Îles Usions.

Some months ago, Aurelien told us they have got a new project : to build a trimaran, only with bio materials, to explore Brittany's seas, to discover new waves and meet new people, with Ronan as movie director.

After a cold and prolific winter, Tricat, a company which build boats, was almost able to finish Gwalaz, the first bio-trimaran. Seven meters long, and ready for some actions. But, Gwalaz was not totally done, so the trio boarded on Glazboat.

With this first episode, we are far from Indonesia, but landscapes are wonderful. The trip could potentialy be epic, but not as dangerous as their first travel (Ewen was back to France in a very bad condition...) Through the trio, we discover a new Brittany, forgotten waves, local heroes and a soothing Nature. Aurel and Ewen are the sailors, surf as well and, at night, try to find a place to sleep. They share this new adventure with us, and we're watching it with a large smile... like they do.

Next episode tuesday, june 18th!