Crzay Cibu

« Here’s the interview, hope it’ll do. Don’t forget that spending time drawing stupid creatures is a very serious activity ^^. »

* Can you begin by introducing yourself?

Okay, now that POSCA has revealed my true identity, my name is Chandra Roggero aka Cubi, age 32 (I think). I’m from the south east of France but I’m based in the southwest. I’m an illustrator, painter / drawer and comic artist of stupid creatures and strange people, and I do this on anything, anytime.

*How did you come up with Cubi? Anything to do with recycling cubitainers to draw on?

When I was younger, my friends and 1 had a band called the Timon Grophalus band. I’d drawn some covers for our burned CDs and we’d come up with a fictional music production company named “Cubi Production”. I must admit that at the time we recycled just about everything.

When I began as a comic and graffiti artist, and after trying out a couple of different names, Cubi became the obvious choice.

* Your world seems to be a nervous and animated place filled with little creatures, would it be to escape a reality?

Oh, possibly, probably. Perhaps just to show people my world, to show a link between other people’s reality and mine. No, I just like these little creatures, they’re complete idiots and I can make them do whatever I want!

* Your creatures are often dancing, would that be to express some bottled up frustration?

I don’t know why they’re always up in the air. It’s not really a dance, they’re just sometimes floating or getting ready to attack. Otherwise, nope, no bottled up frustration! As to dancing, I’m a great dancer, only it’s at an experimental stage and I doubt the public is ready for such grandness yet.

* How important is music to you, and whilst you’re working?

I suppose like most creative artists, music is important in my life and in my work. Depending on what I’m working on, it helps me stay focused. For example when I’m working on inking or something just as precise, I’ll prefer calm trippy and rhythmical stuff, whereas when I’m doing more abstract drawings or Photoshop coloring, I need some more aggressive sounds.

I listen to all sorts: The Kills, The Do, Madlib, Dexter, Gonzales, Dorian Concept, RATM, Dirty Art Club, Suff Daddy, Photay, Shabazz Palaces, Hubert Daviz, Nosaj Thing, Bonobo, Blockhead, Mathieu Boogaerts, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Pond, Royal Blood...

* Can you explain the illustrations for the vinyl design contest?

I only found out about the contest a couple of days before the deadline. I did some research but couldn’t come up with anything. I’d previously cut out a crocodile from a piece of cardboard so when I saw it lying around, I just had a hunch and quickly got some stuff together to submit on time.

I made some black records according to the required size, and did a mix of illustrations and stickers drawn with Posca. I came up with scenarios that I directly assembled.

* How does a Cubi illustration begin?

Can be anything, a desire, an idea, a mood. It can even begin with a shape, or simply by accident. However, the characters are almost always drawn by instinct.